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Our Work

What sets our company apart from others:

  • Drip Edge installation to meet city codes

  • A starter shingle is installed around the perimeter of the roof

  • Synthetic felt underlayment

  • All valley metal is replaced with all new metal.

  • Lead vent pipes are used instead of rubber vent pipes to prevent deterioration

  • We paint all your pipes and pipe flashings

  • We protect your plants & bushes from damage

  • We install our shingles with nails instead of staples, so that it is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

  • Clean up and haul away all debris.

  • Final inspection/walk thru and run a courtesy magnet after the work is complete.

An aerial view of a newly replaced roof.
soukup roofing ariel 2.jpg
Soukup roofing ariel 1.jpg
soukup roofing ariel 3_edited.jpg
Soukup roofing ariel 4.jpg
soukup roofing ariel 5.jpg
Soukup roofing ariel 6_edited.png
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